• The largest inventory in America.
    • We still offer a 1 year guarantee on all new and used guns sold here.
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    From The Desk of Don

    dons guns store It is a pleasure to bring you this web page. This company is 40 years old and we know what you want in a shooting range gun store. Forty years has taught me a lot and I have developed a few sayings that make a lot of sense:

    “It’s always cheaper somewhere else when they don’t have it.” We’ve got it in stock. If we don’t, ask us why? As the oldest gun range owner in America we know the failures of quite a few guns and will not stock the product. REMEMBER! “It’s better to own a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not own it.”

    There is nothing any company can get you that we can’t. Just call us, give us 50% down and we will order the same day. On my signboard at 38th & Lafayette Road is a sign that reads “I don’t make the rules, I just follow them”. There is a sign on my door that says “No Video, Audio, or Cameras allowed.

    Don’s has no leagues or memberships, we tried that and found that the members tied up the ranges too much. You don’t have to wait at Don’s!

    40 years of experience has taught me some things:

    • Indiana had the best gun laws in the U.S. 40 years ago. Today, the worst.
    • The sign at our store says, ‘If it’s ok with the President and Congress, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, what can Don do about it.’

    When you call this store, the speech tells you what the difference is between Dons and all the rest of the gun stores:

    • The largest inventory in America.
    • We still offer a 1 year guarantee on all new and used guns sold here.
    • If you purchase a gun, not only will we give you a free 1/2 hour on the indoor range for an assault rifle, pistol, or shotgun, but we will go out with you to show you how to shoot your new gun. When you go home with your new purchase, you are ready to protect yourself. So you know your gun works. You don’t know when you buy it somewhere else that does not have a gun range. You hope it will?
    • Our inventory is so big that it is worth the ride to come in; 10am – 10pm, 7 days per week.

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    Lafayette Shopping Center 38th Street and Lafayette Road

    We are on the corner of 38th & Lafayette Road or as we like to say, 'the nose of the Lafayette Shopping Center'. We are easy to get to from anywhere in Indianapolis. l-65 is 1/2 block away, l-465 is 2 miles away at the 38th Street exit, downtown Indianapolis is 10 Minutes away and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is 5 minutes away. We can hear the race cars!

    Call Us 317­-297-4242

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